Purchase Orda Express Kiosk Software

Need help? Book a call with our kiosk onboarding team.

Here is how to signup for kiosk software.

4. Click Setup Kiosk. This will take you to a page with software settings that you can edit later.

5. Click Save in the top right.

6. Click Purchase Kiosk.

7. Click Get Started.

8. Select the quantity of kiosks you will need. A minimum of 3 is required since this is what we found is effective with consumers. The setup fee is for the software and databases for each kiosk. Then click Next.

9. Click Next. The image will show you an example of what your kiosk could look like. You will need to buy your own bezels, iPads, and Square readers.

10. Follow the steps to complete your purchase. If you need help placing your order, please book a call with the kiosk sales team.

What Happens Next?

You will need to get a kiosk enclosure, iPad 10.2" and Square chip card reader.