CBD Apple Developer Setup

In this tutorial you will set up your Apple Developer Account for your cannabis/hemp business. Orda will then manage the app deployment process for you.

CBD Apps Requirements Overview

Apple is allowing CBD-related apps at this time but Google Play is not. Orda will host your Apple Store app + web ordering for you.

Apple requires you to provide documentary evidence of the necessary licensing and permissions for all of the locations where the app is available (including any applicable laws that support your rights to offer cannabis product or cannabis-related services).

Apple requires you to geo-restrict the app so that it can only be used in locations where you have the required license or permissions

Step 1. Provide licensing information

  1. Email support@getorda.com all licensing and permissions documentation for all locations where you want the app to be available. Include the list of states you are licensed to sell in.

Step 2. Setup Apple Developer Account

  1. Follow all the steps in this tutorial to setup your Apple account, but with one difference:

Invite appstore@ordaappbuilder.com as the admin.