Create and manage categories for your app

Square has three ways to create inventory: Square Online inventory, Square Dashboard inventory, and directly in Square POS app.

Your mobile app will pull your inventory from the Square Dashboard inventory. In this tutorial we will review how to configure your inventory for your app.

  1. Create and Manage Categories

1. Log in to Categories from your Square Dashboard -

2.Click Create Category.

3.Name your category (i.e. Drinks, Food, Jewelry).

4.Click Assign Items and check the box next to each item you wish to include. If you haven't created items yet, see #2 below.

2. Create and Manage Items

  1. Go through this tutorial on how to create items in Square Dashboard:

  2. Attach every item to a category in Square Dashboard:

See the video for more information and only follow the steps about creating items in Square Dashboard, NOT Square POS

3. Enable and disable categories for your mobile app

Go through this tutorial on how to enable/disable or reorder categories in your mobile app.