Enable/Disable or Reorder Categories

Orda syncs your inventory from Square Dashboard. This guide walks you through how to enable and disable categories in your mobile app.

Follow this guide after you have created and managed your inventory in Square Dashboard.

  1. Log In To Your Orda Dashboard

Go to https://getorda.com.

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

2. Enable or Disable Categories

Click Catalog on the left.

You will see all the categories you created in Square Dashboard. If you haven't already done this, see this tutorial on how to create and manage inventory in Square Dashboard.

Enable and disable categories by toggling them on and off.

3. Reorder Categories

Drag and drop the categories to reorder them.

4. Publish App Edits

Follow this guide to publish your update.

Refresh your app.

If you are seeing items in your app that you don't want, set up Item Availability.

If items or item photos are missing, follow this guide on items and item photos.