Hide Items From Online Menu

By default, Orda will show any item that is linked to an enabled category in Square Dashboard. Note that the items are pulled from Square Dashboard, NOT Square Online. If you have questions about inventory management see this guide on catalog management.

This guide will cover how to hide specific items from your mobile app.

Step 1. Install Hide Items

  1. Go to https://getorda.com

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Click Marketplace on the left.

4. Where it says Hide Items, click Install, then Open.

5. Toggle on "Show all items other than the list below."

6. Type and add all the items you want to hide. They will show in a list.

If you decide to show the item, click the - sign to the right of the item.

6. Click Save.

Step 2. Publish Orda Update

Follow this guide to publish your update.

Items Missing or Seeing Wrong Items?

See this guide on items.

Put items back in list

If you need to undo your action and remove an item from the hidden list you can click the trash can button to remove it from the list.