Manage Locations

Orda makes it easy to expand your business. Your customers to find your nearest store and see all your stores on a map!

  1. Log In To Your Orda Dashboard

Go to

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

2. Edit Locations

Click Locations on the left.

Your locations are automatically synced from Square. Here is the guide on how to manage locations in Square.

Enable locations for your mobile ordering app by checking them on. To add additional locations, you will need to update your subscription.

Click the Edit icon next to each location.

For each location, you can edit:

  • Location Image

    1. Must be around 900 x 600 pixels.

    2. Must be .png format

    3. Location image should NOT be a logo. We recommend a photo of the store or items.

  • Name

    1. Remove words like LLC, LTD, etc.

    2. There should only be letters, numbers, and apostrophe ('). Remove special characters like &$*. If there is an and symbol (&) replace it with 'and'.

    3. If you have multiple locations, the location name should be related to the city or neighborhood.

  • Address

    1. Address is synced automatically from Square. If you haven’t added an address in Square, follow this guide)

  • Phone

  • Delivery Types

    1. Check on to enable Pickup, Delivery, and Curbside.

Click Save.

4. Wrong location on map?

Are you seeing the wrong location or not seeing your store on your mobile and web ordering map? Follow this guide to troubleshoot this.