Social Media & External Links

A new feature that lets you connect your app with social media and webpage.

Your customers enjoy more community, spend more money, and engage more with your app. You can get your sales, promotions, and events on your customers' home screens so they don't miss any updates from you.

This post covers how to enable your app's social media and webpage (external links).

Step 1. Install External Links

1.Go to

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Click Marketplace on the left.

4. Where it says External Links, click Install, then Open.

5. Add the text and then the URL of your social media profile or webpage.

6. Click Save.

Step 2. Publish Orda Update

Follow this guide to publish your update. If your app was lasted updated in Apple and Google before October 20, 2022, you will need to notify Orda to do an app store update.