Setup Google Play

In this step you will set up your Google Play developer account. Then Orda will manage the app deployment process for you!

Why must you set up your own Google Play Developer account?

Setup Your Google Play Account

Step 1. Create Your Google Play Developer Account

Fill in any required information then click "Create Account and Pay."

3. Enter your card information to pay the Google Play registration fee. 

4. Type your account details. 

"Developer name" should be your business name. 

"Email address" should be your business email.

To process your request for a Play Developer account you may be asked for a valid government ID and a credit card, both under your legal name. If this information is determined to be invalid, your registration fee will not be refunded.

Step 2. Verify Identity

 After registering for the Google Play Account, you may be asked to Verify your ID with Google in order to publish apps to the Play Store. 

After you create your account, you can track the status of your identity verification from the All applications page. When the verification process is complete, an email is sent to the account owner.

Step 3. Add Orda to your Google account 

2. Click on “Invite New User”.

3. Under “Invite New User”, enter our App Team’s email:

4. Keep "set access expiry date" unchecked. 

4. Under Permission, select Account Permissions.

5. Select the “Admin" role.

6. Click “Send Invitation.”

Orda Will Deploy Your App

After Orda deploys your app, it may take a couple days or weeks for Google Play to approve your app. Once it is live your Orda download page will direct people to your app.