Edit App Screens

App screens are images your customers see on your Apple Store and Google Playstore landing page.

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How To Design Your App Screens

We will go over how to create and upload your own app screens with Orda.

Note that Apple and Google require the app screens to show the functionality and features of the app and will reject the update if they don't include this!

  1. Have two app screenshots saved to your computer in png format.

One option is to take two screenshots of your app on your phone.

Another option is to download the two screenshots from your Orda Dashboard -> Publish -> Camera icon. Click the download button next to each screenshot to download them.

2. Go to getorda.com and log in.

3. Click Promote on the left.

4. Click App Screens.

5. Upload the two app screens you created in the first step and an optional background image.

Optionally change the following:

  • Captions under Headers

  • Font

  • Background colors

  • Text color

6. Click Next in the top right.

7. Preview the images.

8. Click Download All. This will save a zip folder to your computer.

9. Upload the ZIP folder to a service like Google Drive or Wetransfer. Copy the URL of the ZIP folder. You will need this URL for the next step.

10. Submit a ticket to update your app screens.

Orda will then upload the new screens to the AppleStore and Google Play. It may take some time for the app stores to approve the update.