Time Availability for Categories

The Time Availability feature lets you set specific times for categories. These two use cases are supported:

  1. Specific categories are only available in specific days or times.

  2. Specific discount that is given for specific days (for example Tuesday Taco 2 for 1).

Time Availability is currently supported in web ordering (your orda.me link). If you're not sure what your link is, fill in this form.

Time Availability is available in mobile apps as part of a Premium Annual membership as it requires special configuration and hosting. To upgrade and have this enabled in your mobile app email sales@getorda.com.

  1. Log In To Your Orda Dashboard

Go to https://getorda.com.

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

2. Set Time Sensitivity

  1. Click Catalog on the left menu.

  2. Next to the category, click the green Availability button.

  3. Setup days / times to make this category available.