App Icon and Splash Screen Logo

The app icon is the button customers see on their phone home screen.

The splash screen logo is the logo customers see when they open your app.

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Step 1. Design App Icon and Logo Following These Guidelines

Logo and App Icon Guidelines

An app icon is not a logo, Think of app icons as a small container of a fixed size which holds a “bite-sized” piece of visual information about the business. Yes, of course you could put your product or brand’s logo inside of an app icon if you want, but that doesn’t make your app icon a logo. Logos themselves are free to roam beyond the constraints of an app icon. They are scalable and can exist in any context: on flyers, websites, business cards, you name it


Key Differences

Technical Specifications for Both Assets

  1. Has to be PNG format

  2. 1024 x 1024 dimension

  3. No transparency mode (No Alpha channel)

How to remove Alpha Channel from an Image?

Using Preview app (Mac):

  1. Open the image

  2. Command-Shift-S to Duplicate (creates a copy)

  3. Command-S to Save

  4. Deselect the "Alpha" checkbox

  5. Delete " copy" from filename (including the space)

    • This will overwrite your original, if you want to keep the original, just leave "copy" in the name

  6. Save

  7. Click 'Replace' to confirm you want to overwrite the original

    • Only necessary if you are overwriting your original

Step 2. Upload Logo and App Icon

  1. Go to

  2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

  3. Go to Orda Dashboard -> General.

  4. Upload the new app icon by clicking the app icon paperclip.

5. Upload the new logo by clicking the paperclip next to "Pick your logo."

6. Click Save in the top right.

Step 3.Publish App Edits

An Apple and Google update is required to change your app icon or splash screen icon.

  1. Follow this guide to publish your update.

  2. Submit ticket for an app store update.