Apple Developer Account agreements and membership

Apple is known for regularly changing their terms and conditons for publishing apps on their App Store. They do this in order to be ahead of any legal challenges from big corporations. Unfortunately, this has an impact on small developers such as yourself.

Who should be concerned with about this: Business that have their Orda Mobile Ordering App published on their own Apple Developer Account.

This does not concern businesses that have their app published in one of our many partners. 

Apple Developer Agreement and Apple Developer Program License Agreement

These agreements are the most common type of agreement that is updated. To update these agreements you need to:


The App Store makes it easy for users in 175 regions to discover and download your apps, games, and extensions across Apple platforms. Apple handles worldwide payment processing, offers unlimited hosting and bandwidth — even for free apps, verifies user accounts, and much more to empower you to scale your app distribution. 

But in order to have this, you must pay apple a membership fee of $99 per year.

To check and pay for developer membership, you need to:

Signing a paid agreement

These type of agreements are the most rarely updated agreements but are of same importance as they prevent apps from being update and distributed if they are pending.

To accept agreements:

For more information, you can reference:

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