Wall Mount (or Angled) 

Tablet Enclosure 

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure - 10.2" - 12.9"

Angled Wall Mount with Card Reader

Angled Wall Mount 

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure

Wall Mount Tablet Enclosure


Total dimensions of the kiosk will depend on the tablet and any branding or accessories selected.

We primarily recommend using this kiosk for digital signage and other non-interactive displays.

If using this mount for interactive content, the highest touch point guideline for ADA compliance applies. In this case, maximum mounting height can be determined by subtracting the highest touch point of screen for the configuration of your choice from 48”.

Please be aware that this places the screen lower than is comfortable for direct interaction for most standing adults. For this reason, we recommend our Angled Wall Mount in interactive use cases, which places the screen at an angle that is more comfortable for regular use.

Secondary cable exit through the rear of the mount allows for hidden AC power supply and cordless appearance.

Tablet is not included and must be bought separately.

Tablet and Square Reader are not included and must be purchased separately.

Supported iPads

Currently the 10.2" iPad is the only supported model. Other sizes may be supported on a custom Enterprise plan:

Bezel Graphic Specifications

Permanent, UV-cured ink printed directly onto a rigid, PVC surface, covering the front-facing surface of the kiosk head.

Detailed Spec