Item Tags

In some cases you want to label specific items with a tag that provides additional information. For example: "Vegan", "Gluten-Free", "Popular". This allows your customers to quickly build their menu, such as customers with allergies or dietary preferences. 

Allow Customers to Discover by Tags

Sometimes categories are not enough to browse your menu. For example customers want to find all Vegan dishes of yours. In this case you could create a "Vegan" category, but what happens if these items are part of different categories already? In this case you would want to tag all these items "Vegan" and allow customers to search easily for these items by the tag.

How To Add Tags to an Item

You add item tags by adding a custom attribute to an item in your Square Dashboard with a specific structure. Follow these instructions:

Edit Item

Add Custom Attribute

Tags Color

You can select the color of the tags and add tags that show in the filter search by setting it up in the Tags Marketplace. Follow these steps: