Creating Coupons

Creating Coupons Now Got A Lot Easier With Orda And Square, Don't Worry It Syncs AutomaticallyĀ  šŸ˜Æ

When you create and activate coupons in the Square Dashboard it will automatically be applied and activated in your mobile app!Ā 

Square has several ways to create coupons. Note that you MUST create your coupon at this specific link for your app -

Let's get CouponingĀ 

Ā Ā Ā Ā First UpĀ  - Login šŸ˜’

Ā Ā Let's get the tedious task out of the way.

Click on Coupons

Under the marketing tab click on CouponsĀ 

Let the fun begin, click on Create CouponĀ 

Now We All About That DesignĀ 

It's time to design the coupon to suit the value you want to give to your customers

Explanation Time šŸ˜

Click on Activate to role out the magicĀ 

Coupon Time!