Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

In the ever-evolving landscape of coffee shops and restaurants, building lasting customer relationships is a priority like never before. Imagine a tool that not only offers your patrons their favourite items on a daily or weekly basis but also solidifies their loyalty to your establishment. Say hello to "Subscription Plans" – the innovative feature that empowers you to suggest and implement subscription-based services for your customers, transforming the way they engage with your business. This game-changing feature is your key to boosting customer loyalty and retention, ensuring that your coffee shop or restaurant remains their top choice, day in and day out.

6.Choose whether your Plan gives items to users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by clicking on the box.

7. Finally select the items that are given out by typing the name of the item and clicking on the plus. 

8. When everything is configured, click on "SAVE".

9. Finally, click on "PUBLISH" in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Please note this is an Enterprise feature and it requiers you to be part of the Enterprise Plan. For more details visit