Customize Your App


In this document, we'll guide you through the steps on how to make your app shine!

Here's are some basic recommendations you need to make your app successful

  1. Product photos -- This increases buy potential

  2. Alluring descriptions

  3. Match your brand colors

Product Photos

One of the most important aspects to make your app look professional is your product photos. It's now easier than ever to create professional-looking product photos. Here's what we recommend

  • Use Squares Free Photo Studio App

    • You can easily take a photo on your phone and the app will crop out the background and add a custom color

  • We recommend using the same background for all photos to look seamless

  • Another option is to use a DSLR camera and use Canvas Background Remover to follow the same background technique

Made with Square photo studio

Made with Square photo studio

Made with Canva

Made with Canva

Banner Logo

To keep your app fully branded Orda allows adding a header logo

  • Use a pre-made Canva template here

    • Make sure to export as transparent background

    • Upload on your dashboard under "Theme"

App logo header

Upload on your dashboard

Category layout

Make sure to layout your category to make sense for your customer

  • Group drinks categories together

  • Group food category together

Brand color

Orda allows you to set your brand colors to match your app

  • Head over to your dashboard

  • Copy your HEX color and paste or choose something close

Change the hex color on dashboard

Use emojis!

Square + Orda allows for the use of emojis. Consumers love seeing emojis to convey a message

  • Use the appropriate emoji for your product

  • Keyboard emoji shortcut (Windows) Windows logo key + . (period).

  • Keyboard emoji shortcut (Mac) Control + Command + Space

Add Tags to Items

Orda allows you to add tags to easy search and filter your menu. Making your customers' life easy navigating will make them come back to your online ordering.

  • Use allergies like "Vegan" or "Gluten free"

  • Use "Popular"

  • Use special products you use in specific items

Custom App Screens

Apple/Google + Orda allows you to upload full branded app screens. This is a huge factor in whether a customer will want to download your app. It's the first glance at what your app will look like.

  • Use Orda App Screen Templates on your dashboard to create your screens

  • If you want to take it one step further you can use They have hundreds of templates. All you do is provide screenshots after you are content with your product photos.

Your story is unique and your customers want to know about it. You can present a welcome screen the first time your customers download your app. They'll be greeted with a custom message and image set by your marketplace app

  • Make your message short and sweet

  • Keep them focused on your unique story

Custom Order Ready Text

Orda allows for custom order-ready text messages when a customer places an order

  • Add the {name} parameter to your message to add your customers' names to personalize your text on the

  • Make sure your staff hit "Order Ready" to trigger the pickup text on your Square tablet

Publish new version

Make sure to publish a new version after you're making the updates to your app to make those changes go into effect.