Incentivize Downloads

Incentivize your customers to download your app. 

In today's fiercely competitive digital marketplace, enticing customers to download and use your mobile app is a vital step towards success. To address this challenge, we introduced the marketplace app "Incentivize Downloads" a feature, designed to empower businesses by allowing them to choose the incentives they offer to customers during their first three interactions with the app. 

This powerful tool enables you to create a compelling and rewarding experience, encouraging users to not only download your app but also become loyal patrons.

To show the incentive you can easily add a professional looking pop-up to your app.

Upload a picture by clicking on the icon, enter a title and a personalised description;

6. Click on "SAVE".

7. Click on "PUBLISH".

Please note this is an Enterprise feature and it requiers you to be part of the Enterprise Plan. For more details visit