Slim Countertop 

Tablet Mount

Slim Countertop Tablet Mount - 10.2"-12.9"


Total dimensions of the assembled kiosk will depend on the tablet and any branding or accessories selected.

Maximum counter height for ADA compliance is 37 inches based on 12.9-inch tablet with the highest touch point of the screen at 48 inches from the floor.

Maximum mounting depth of the front mounting holes from edge of counter is 16.128 inches for landscape or 14.75 inches for portrait, based on 12.9-inch tablet to make reach depth compliant with ADA guidelines.

Tablet and Square Reader are not included and must be purchased separately.

Supported iPads

Currently the 10.2" iPad is the only supported model. Other sizes may be supported on a custom Enterprise plan:

Bezel Graphic Specifications

Permanent, UV-cured ink printed directly onto a rigid, PVC surface, covering the front-facing surface of the kiosk head.

Detailed Spec


With Square Reader

Customized Bezel

Technical Review