Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most often!

Question: What's Orda? Why do I need a mobile app for ordering?

80% of consumers use their mobile phone to interact with businesses around them. 66% of transactions these days are made using mobile wallet payments. According to a study carried out in the US, the screen time is increased by 20% year-over-year.  When your business (brand) has a mobile app, you encourage your customers to be loyal to you by downloading your app to their phone and make it very easy for them to choose you over your competitors. They order ahead, pay and connect to your loyalty program in 1-click. People using a mobile app for ordering are 3 times more loyal to a business (life time value) compared to people who don't. Also these people spend on average 13% more than the usual purchase size.

Even though you have a mobile Web online ordering, the experience is lacking the features of a native experience. Consumers prefer apps over mobile websites due to user experience, speed, extra features and special offers like push notifications.  Especially Millennials embrace in-app shopping: 61% of Millennials say they download food and beverage and retail apps and 58% of millennials mentioned that they preferred purchasing through apps and not using a Web experience.

When you have a mobile app for ordering, you will notice a growth in loyal and repeat customers that will increase your bottom line. Using the push notifications, you will see customers connected to you because they are reminded of events and promotions you run.

Question: Is Orda integrated with my Square inventory in real time?

Yes, Orda partnered with Square to allow integration for current Square sellers to instantly setup their branded mobile app and get the menu, catalog, items, real-time inventory management, payments, orders, customers, and loyalty integrated to your Square account. You don't need to buy new hardware in your store or teach your employees if you're already using Square online.

When customers place orders through your mobile app, orders show up in your Square POS, Square Dashboard, Printer, Kitchen Display System (like Bump KDS). You can also set up a notification to your teams' phone if you'd like.

Question: Will I need to buy new hardware for my stores?

When an order is placed through your mobile app, it shows up just like any other Square Online order in your Square POS, Square Dashboard, Printer and Kitchen Display System. 

While orders appear in the POS you can use a Square-integrated Kitchen Display System like Bump KDS

If you have a Square POS tablet or any Square-supported KDS you don't need to buy any special hardware to see your orders.

Question: Is my app going to be branded and customizable?

Your app is going to be branded with your App icon, App Screens, Logo, Loyalty card, Color theme, Food images, Welcome and Splash screen and will create a unique ordering experience for your customers. You can integrate your Instagram account to make it easier for customers to connect with you and get your notifications.

You app will be listed in the Apple App Store and the Google Play so customers can search you on their mobile phones app stores to find you quickly. 

Question: How much time does it take to set up my app?

It takes only 3-5 minutes to connect and setup your app and a few more days for our team to work with Apple and Google to deliver your app to the app stores. Our Apple / Google Setup Experts will work on it and will call you if needed.  

We will help you to setup your Apple and Google accounts so your brand name will be the owner of the App's account. It usually takes 1-2 days to be approved by Apple and Google. 

Question: Does Orda show loyalty points?

Yes, if you use Square Loyalty your points are shown on the app so customers can track their balance.

Your customers will see your brand loyalty program deals and will be able to redeem points when they buy your products through the app.

Question: Can I do third-party deliveries with my app?

Yes,  while you can setup in-house delivery most Orda members prefer to outsource delivery through 3rd party companies like DoorDash.

Orda and Doordash partnered together to enable delivery for your business in a branded mobile app. With one click of a button you create a seamless service to deliver your items to your customers with a flat-fee cost. This is all possible thanks to the DoorDash Drive integration that Orda leverages as part of their marketplace to their members. You don't pay commission to DoorDash  for your orders if your customers pay through your mobile app.

Question: What is the price for building a mobile app with Orda?

Orda pricing is simple. You pay a one-time setup fee for Apple and Google. You then pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for your branded mobile app and flat-fee per order if you use extended features like text messaging or delivery features.

You will be able to see the payments through the Orda Dashboard.

Question: Does Orda help me with marketing?

Yes, Orda includes Mobile App Promotion Tools to allow your customers to get your app and automatically be notified about your app, so it's super easy for you and your marketing team to have a post on Social media, in-store signage, tabletop signs, text message, emails and more. 

If you have a website with Square Online, your customers can easily find your app through Apple Smart App Banners -  a widget to your website that allows a 1-click download.

Question: How does my mobile app work with multiple locations?

You can enable one or more locations in one mobile app, so for example if your brand has multiple locations or multiple brands for one region you would want to allow your customers to download one app for all of your locations. 

When customers launch your app, they will see a map with a list of all of your enabled locations. Then they can see the menu for each location. If each location has different menu, the specific menu will be shown.

Question: Is Orda available in my country?

Orda is available in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and Spain.