Orda Express

Design Your Own Kiosk Bezel

Orda provides a branded bezel design for you at no extra cost. If you want to design a custom bezel yourself there is a $100 printer setup fee. You must submit your custom design within 2 business days of signup to sales@getorda.com or the general one will be shipped.

Here is how to design your own bezel.

Optional - Design Your Kiosk Bezel

  1. Go to getorda.com.

  2. Log in.

  3. Click Kiosk on the left.

  4. Click Design Your Kiosk.

5. Drag and drop text and images to design your kiosk bezel . See the video below for reference.

6. Click Download in the top right. This will save your bezel to your computer.

7. Email support@getorda.com with your custom design attached and say you want to use your custom design. Please send the design within 2 business days of registering. Otherwise the default design by Orda will be used.