Troubleshooting Orda Express

Troubleshoot Payment Screen is not Working

If you are having an issue with your Orda Express software, most issues can be resolved by:

Troubleshoot App Crashes After Selecting Location

This is a known issue with the Square reader.

If it is still crashing, make sure you added an icon to each category in Orda dashboard -> Kiosk settings. 

Troubleshooting Payment Not Working or App Crashing During Checkout

If the pay button doesn't work or app is crashing when you click the pay button and the reader doesn't connect:

Troubleshooting "Failed Pairing"

If you see a message "Failed Pairing" Something went wrong. Please contact the developer of this application and provide them with the error code: reader_pairing_bluetooth_persmission_denied" 

If you still have issues, please follow this tutorial to troubleshoot your Square reader - 

Troubleshooting Menu Updates Not Showing

If you made a menu or software configuration change you don't see in your kiosks: 

1. Make sure you enabled or disabled the category for your kiiosks. See Step 5 in Orda Express Software Setup.

2. Publish your update

2. Refresh your kiosk app on your iPad. See video below on how to refresh properly.

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For more information, see Orda Express Tutorial.