Orda Express Software Setup

This guide will walk you through setting up your Orda Express software on your iPads!

Step 1. Prepare Your Store

  1. Make sure you have your address set correctly in Square. Otherwise Square will not take the payments. See this tutorial on how to check your address.

  2. Order in your mobile app to see how it works.

  3. Make sure you have item images and descriptions in your app or your kiosk won't work properly. If your items need images see this tutorial.

  4. Order in your web ordering (orda.me link) to see how it works.

Prepare Your Hardware

1.Make sure you have a 10.2" iPad that is iPad 8th generation and up. Otherwise the Square reader will not work.

2. Keep your Square reader plugged into power at all times. Otherwise it will keep disconnecting.

3. Assemble your iPad, Square reader, and bezel following the video below.

Step 2. Get Your Login Key

  1. Go to getorda.com.

  2. Log in.

  3. Click Kiosk on the left.

  4. You will find your login key in the spot that is highlighted red in the image below.

Step 3. Prepare Your iPad

Follow these steps to make sure your iPad is ready for your kiosk software!

  1. Go to iPad Settings -> General -> Software Update.

  2. Set "Automatic Updates" to OFF. Do not update the iOS version on the iPad unless Orda asks you to in the future.

3. Make sure the iOS version is 15 or up. If it is less than 15 update it.

4. On the left, click "Display & Brightness."

5. Make sure Light Mode is on.

6. Click Auto-Lock and set it to Never.

7. Click Bluetooth on the left.

8. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

9. If a Square Reader is showing under "My Devices", we need to forget it. Click the "i" button to the right of the Square reader.

Then click "Forget this device."

10. Click Accessibility on the left.

Under Display and Text Size, turn Auto brightness to "OFF".

Step 4. Download Orda Express

Download Orda Express in Apple Store on your 10.2" iPads.

Step 5. Customize Software Settings

Design Your Splash Screen

  1. Go to getorda.com and log in.

  2. Click Kiosk on the left.

  3. Click Splash in the top.

  4. Drag and drop to design your software splash screen.

  5. Click X in the top left to return to the main page.

  6. Click Design Approved, Next:

Setup Kiosk

  1. Click Setup Kiosk.

1. Choose identification (how you will identify which customer the order is for).

2. Enter the success SMS message customers will get when order is received.

3. Enable/disable and drag and drop categories under Navigation Pane. Click on the icon next to the toggle to select the icon for the category. An icon must be selected for the kiosk to work!

4. Click Save in the top right.

5. Publish your update. You will need to publish an update anytime you change your menu or kiosk software settings.

Step 5. Setup Orda Express

  1. Open the Orda Express app.

  2. Enter the key you got from Orda Support and log in.

  3. Select the location. Note that the kiosk will only work if you are physically at that address due to Square requirements.

4. Follow the instructions to connect your Square reader. When prompted, select Pair.

5. When your reader connects, you will be taken to the home screen!

Step 6. Do a test order

Place a test order on your kiosk. The order will show in Bump KDS and Square online orders.