Wrong Location on Map

Are you seeing the wrong location on your map in your mobile and web app?

This guide will walk you through how to fix this.

The location you see on the map is set in Square Dashboard. NOT Orda.

When you enter an address for your business in Square Dashboard, Square generates geo-coordinates. Sometimes you may enter the address in a way that Square doesn't generate the right geo-coordinates and you need to re-enter it.

1. Check Address

1. Go to https://getorda.com.

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Click Locations on the left.

4. Click the Edit icon next to the location that's not showing right on your map.

If the address coordinates are missing in Square Dashboard you will see the message in the red box below.

Go here to set your location address in Square Dashboard.

If the coordinates are set in Square you can see it in the red box below:

Click the map icon to see where Square set this address location.

If this is not the address you expect, it means it wasn't geocoded properly in Square. You will need to go to Square dashboard and enter the address again.

2. Sync updated address

1.After editing your address in Square Dashboard, log out of getorda.com dashboard.

2. Log back in to getorda.com again.

3. Complete step 1 again above to confirm your address is right.