Online Ordering Setup

Online Ordering Overview

Why Switch To Orda Online Ordering?

Your mobile app comes with branded online ordering! This enables your customers to place orders with a Branded, Loyalty-focused Web Ordering.

Why use Orda Online Ordering rather than what you use today?

  1. Your new Web ordering is fully branded. Your own style and color theme and logo.

  2. Your new Web ordering is a better experience for food ordering, similar to your mobile app.

  3. Your new Web ordering is Loyalty focused and puts the customer in the center.

  4. Your new Web ordering is Location-based, with a map that resolves errors.

  5. Your new Web ordering includes the same awesome upsell engine that gives you 15% more revenue.

Examples of the online ordering experience (from Blended Juice and Coffee Bar in Seattle):






What is my online ordering link?

Your mobile ordering link was emailed to you by Orda. It looks like <<yourOrdaID>>

For example,

If you're unsure of your link, fill in this form and Orda Support will send it to you.

How does online ordering work with Square?

Your online ordering automatically syncs your inventory and loyalty from Square and your payments go to your Square just like your mobile app!

How does online ordering work with DoorDash?

If you enabled DoorDash in Orda, it will automatically work with your web ordering.

Online Ordering Setup

Step 1. Activate Web Ordering

1.Go to

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Click Marketplace on the left.

4. Where it says Web Ordering, click Install.

Step 2. Setup Your Domain

In this step you'll activate a domain for use with Apple Pay on the Web. A validation is performed on this domain by Apple to ensure that it is properly set up as an Apple Pay enabled domain.

Set up your custom domain on Orda

To make sure we know what is your custom domain you need to go through this process:

  1. From the Orda Dashboard select Marketplace

  2. Select the Web Ordering app.

  3. Click "Install"

  4. On the Domain tab select Custom Domain field and update the input field to something like ""

  5. Once ready click on the "Activate & Save" button

Set up your custom domain on your Domain host (Google Domains, Go Daddy or other)

Let's add a CNAME record to your domain host.

  1. Open a browser tab or window and sign in to your host’s website.

  2. If you're not familiar with CNAME records, contact your domain host, who can help you. To add the CNAME record to your domain host, follow the steps below. See your domain host’s documentation for more specific instructions.

    • Go to your domain’s DNS records. If you have multiple domains, make sure you select the right domain.

    • Add a record to your DNS settings, selecting CNAME as the record type

    • Write www in Label/Host field

    • Copy "" to the contents of the Destination/Target

    • Leave Time To Live (TTL) as default (3600 or 1 hour)

    • Save your record

Here is an example (from Google Domains):

Redirect naked domain to www (or any other subdomain)

Redirecting the naked domain helps the users land on the right page. For example, if you host your website on and the user tries to visit, the User finds nothing. & are not the same. To make sure your Domain Provider redirects your visitors to your subdomain follow these instructions:

  1. Log in and go to the DNS Management section of your domain (GoDaddy, Google Domains or any other provider)

  2. Find out the “Forwarding” section at the bottom of the page and click on the “Add” button against DOMAIN.

  3. Under “Forward To” Choose your protocol (HTTPS if you have SSL, HTTP otherwise) and enter as the URL.

  4. Leave the “Forward Type” as Permanent (301) and save the settings.

It usually take few 2-24 hours to update, please contact us at for any question.

Step 3. Setup SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosts your website's ranking so people see your business more in Google. Behind the scenes, Orda sets up robust SEO for your brand.

  1. Open the SEO tab.

  2. Write the title and description for your website that you'd like to share with Google. We suggest including your business name, city, state, and type of product in the description.

  3. Upload an image for your brand to share with Google (e.g. logo) since this also boosts your SEO.

  4. Click Activate & Save.

Step 4. Optional - Setup Advanced JavaScript

If you have an in-house web developer, you can visit the Advanced tab to add custom JavaScript to the top of your page.

Step 5. Publish Orda Update

Follow this guide to publish your update.

Step 6. Do A Test Order

Do a test order to make sure your online ordering is fully setup.

Step 7. Share Your Online Ordering!

See Sharing Your Link on Instagram.

See Google Order Online Button.

See the Orda Promote tools for more marketing content.

Have Feedback?

We welcome your feedback on how to improve your online ordering experience. Please share your feedback here.