Update Billing or Subscription

As an Orda mobile ordering app member, you can change subscription type, add new locations, or update payment method. We will review how in this guide.

First, go to https://getorda.com.

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

  1. Change Subscription Type

  1. Go to Billing on the left, then Open Billing Portal.

2. Click Update Plan.

3. You can choose Monthly or Annual subscription, and Starter or Pro.

Note that if you started on Annual and switch to Monthly, the change will not take effect until the end of your current annual subscription.

2. Add New Locations

Your locations are automatically synced from Square. See guide on managing locations in Square.

Here is how to enable a new location in your mobile ordering app.

1. Go to Locations on the left.

2. Enable locations for your mobile ordering app by checking them on.

3. Click the Edit icon next to the new location. You can edit:

  • Location Image

  • Name

  • Address (This is synced automatically from Square. If you haven’t added an address in Square, follow this guide)

  • Phone

  • Delivery Types: Pickup, Delivery, and Curbside. Check them on to enable them.

Click Save.

4. Now, go to Billing on the left.

5. Click Open Billing Portal.

6. Click Update Plan.

7. Click Update Quantity.

8. Increase the quantity to the number of locations you want in your mobile ordering app. Then click Confirm.

9. Publish Updates.

3. Update Payment Method

  1. Go to Billing on the left. Click Open Billing Portal.

2. Click Add Payment Method, then add a new card.

4. Cancel

Please fill in this form to cancel: http://bit.ly/orda-cancel