Add Custom Domain

You have two options with your ordering page domain:

In, select Website and signup there.

Image: Option 1, a branded ordering site with Orda WebXP optimized to get you more orders and boost your SEO

If you don't have a fully branded ordering site from Orda WebXP, you can link your custom domain to your social sharing link with Orda so customers can easily find your stores on a map and order from you by mobile or web. 

Setting up your custom domain also allows you to activate Apple Pay in your web ordering. 

In the example of the end result below, the custom domain links to their social sharing page:

Set up your custom domain on Orda

To make sure we know what is your custom domain you need to go through this process:

Set up your custom domain on your Domain host (Google Domains, Go Daddy or other)

Let's add a CNAME record to your domain host.

Here is an example (from Google Domains):

Redirect naked domain to www (or any other subdomain) 

Redirecting the naked domain helps the users land on the right page. For example, if you host your website on and the user tries to visit, the User finds nothing. & are not the same. To make sure your Domain Provider redirects your visitors to your subdomain follow these instructions: 

It usually take few 2-24 hours to update, please contact us at for any question

For more information on online ordering see this tutorial.